Benefits of Parking Lot Pavement Line-Painting for Vaughan Businesses


When you hire a professional parking lot pavement line-painting company in Vaughan, Ontario, you can expect results that make a good first impression while keeping drivers and pedestrians safer.

Reasons for Painting Lines in Business Parking Lots

Arriving in a properly painted, well-organized lot creates a professional image for your business. It also creates a safe place for people who may be distracted by their smart phones or running minds.

When arriving in an unmarked lot, visitors and clients may inadvertently block loading docks or fire-safety routes. By marking these areas clearly and showing where vehicles can park, you’re eliminating the need for disruptive announcements asking for people to move their cars.

Parking lot line-painting also organizes your lot so it’s easy to find reserved, visitor, or numbered spaces. You can also create handicap or maternity spaces, making it easier for your visitors to reach the door.

Why a Professional Parking Lot Pavement Line-Painting Company Can Help

If you’re looking for a customized layout or interesting stencil designs, an experienced line-marking service can provide proposals for your unique space.

One of the most important services offered by an experienced line-painting company is knowledge of local parking by-laws. Different municipalities have different regulations so it’s important to know the by-laws for the City of Vaughan. Accessible parking spaces usually have different requirements than other spaces for aisles and distances from buildings and structures.

Another benefit of hiring an experienced line-marking service is the simple but complicated need for straight lines that are the same length. Having the right equipment can make this job easier.

An older lot may need to have lines removed. Many companies may just paint over old lines with grey or black paint. Although this works as a short-term solution, it will fade or be washed away over time. An experienced pavement line-painting company should have equipment to strip the paint away from concrete or paved lots.

Even if the business is open 24-hours a day, an experienced parking lot pavement line-painting service can accommodate your Vaughan business. A professional line-marking service is used to working around a business’s schedule, whether it be overnight or off-peak hours.

Also ask about a warranty. Both the work and the paint should be covered, especially since most paint manufacturers offer a time-limited warranty on their products.

Preparing Your Parking Lot for Line-Painting

Performing a full power sweep of your outdoor parking lot is essential. If it is an underground or indoor parking garage, a power sweep and power wash is necessary. Line-painting should take place within days of cleaning an outdoor lot or up to a week after cleaning an underground or indoor lot.

Be sure to remove any vehicles, skids, trailers, bins, and other obstructions so there isn’t a delay when painting.

For a parking lot that meets Vaughan’s by-laws and makes a professional first impression, it’s important to choose an experienced parking lot pavement line-painting company.


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